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SIPH – Southeastern Idaho Public Health Confirms 17th Death in Southeast Idaho Due to COVID-19


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 29, 2020)

Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SIPH) has confirmed another death associated with COVID-19 in Bannock County.  The individual was a female in her 60s.  This brings the total to seventeen deaths due to COVID-19 in southeast Idaho.  Out of respect to these individuals’ families, no additional details will be released.

SIPH urges all residents to take precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19.  This includes practicing social distancing at all times, wearing cloth face coverings in public places, practicing good hand hygiene, and isolating immediately if you show symptoms of COVID-19.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.  People with these symptoms may have COVID-19:

•    Fever or chills

•    Cough

•    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

•    Fatigue

•    Muscle or body aches

•    Headache

•    New loss of taste or smell

•    Sore throat

•    Congestion or runny nose

•    Nausea or vomiting

•    Diarrhea


SIPH has a call center to field questions from the community and is open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can reach the hotline at (208) 234-5875.

For southeast Idaho specific information about the novel coronavirus, please visit

For Idaho-specific information about the novel coronavirus, please visit

Join us Monday-Friday at 11 am for Facebook Live at


Remarks by Vice President Mike Pence After Meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judge Amy Coney Barrett


(White House Press Release, September 29, 2020)

U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C.

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, on behalf of President Donald Trump, I want to thank the Senate Majority Leader and your colleagues in the Senate who have committed to meet with an extraordinary American.  In Judge Amy Coney Barrett, we have someone of great character, of great intellect, who has a judicial philosophy that will uphold the Constitution of the United States.

President Trump discharged his duty under Article Two to nominate Judge Barrett to the vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States.  And now we look forward, our entire team, Leader — working with you, Republicans in the Senate, and we hope Democrats in the Senate, as well — as you discharge your duty to advise and consent.

We truly do believe that Judge Barrett represents the best of America personally, in terms of her great intellect and her great background.  And we have every confidence that as the American people learn more about Judge Amy Coney Barrett, they will be as inspired as President Trump was when he made her nomination.

We believe the Senate has an opportunity, Leader, for a fair and respectful consideration hearing.  We urge our Democrat colleagues in the Senate to take the opportunity to meet with Judge Barrett and, as the hearing goes forward, to provide the kind of respectful hearing that the American people expect.

We look forward to a vote in the Senate in the near future and to fill the seat on the Supreme Court of the United States because the American people deserve a justice like Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  And the American people deserve nine justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.

So, thank you, Leader, for the warm welcome today, and we look forward to working with you.


City of Pocatello Calendar, Week of September 28 – October 2, 2020


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 25, 2020)

The City of Pocatello has released the following calendar of public meetings for the week of September 28 – October 2, 2020:

Monday, September 28

City Council Executive Session
11:00 a.m., Council Chambers

Pocatello Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council Meeting
4:00 p.m., Council Chambers

Tuesday, September 29

Site Plan Review
1:30 p.m., Iwamizawa Conference Room

Wednesday, September 30

No Meetings Scheduled

Thursday, October 1

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting
1:00 p.m., Council Chambers

City Council Clarification Meeting
5:30 p.m., Council Chambers

City Council Meeting
6:00 p.m., Council Chambers

Friday, October 2

Flandro Project Bid Opening
2:00 p.m., Paradice Conference Room


Pocatello: Pipeline Maintenance Sept. 28 – Oct. 2 near City Creek, Cusick Creek Trail Areas


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 28, 2020)

Trail users will see a little maintenance happening in two popular Pocatello places.

A contractor with Williams Pipeline will be maintaining the right of way for their natural gas pipeline in the City Creek Trail area and Cusick Creek Trailhead.  Trails adjacent to the work will be closed, including the City Creek Trail between bridges four and five and potentially the Bench to City Creek Connector Trail.

Some of the work includes removing trees, and the resulting mulch will be spread onto creek banks for erosion control.

The contractor will be posting signs at the trailheads informing users of the maintenance.

It is anticipated the project will be completed by October 2.

For more information about the pipeline maintenance, please visit or call Bret Blair, Operations Supervisor, at 208-317-5865


Idaho Governor Brad Little Update on Half-Staff Flag Directive


(Idaho Governor’s Office Press Release, September 28, 2020)

Update, September 29, 2020

Pertaining to the half staff flag directive for fallen firefighter Ricky Fulton, Governor Brad Little has ordered both the U.S. and State of Idaho flags be returned to full staff at sunset on Wednesday, September 30.
After September 30, no active flag directives will be in place.
The current flag status in Idaho can be found at

Original Story:

Governor Brad Little, pursuant to a directive from the White House, has ordered both the U.S. and State of Idaho flags be returned to full staff at sunset on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, after the burial of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A half-staff flag directive is still in place to honor Ricky Fulton, a firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty.  The directive remains in place through the date of Fulton’s memorial. Once that date has been established, we will send out another notification.

Veterans Coffee Shop, Monday-Thursday at Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building


September 29, 2020

Are you a veteran or a supporter of veterans?  If so, stop by the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building, Monday through Thursday, between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. for a hot cup of coffee and good conversation.

All are welcome!

Fall Used Book Sale Planned for Oct. 2 and 3 at Marshall Public Library


(City of Pocatello Press Release, September 28, 2020)

For the first time in its history, The Friends of the Marshall Public Library’s Fall Used Book Sale is headed outside.

Friday, October 2 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, October 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the group will hold their biannual sale in the south parking lot of the Library.  Prices are $2 for hardback books and $1 for paperbacks.  After noon on Saturday, “Bag-o-Books” will be available for $3, and bags are provided.  CDs and DVDs will also be available for purchase.  Cash and credit/debit cards will be accepted as payment.  Checks will not be accepted.  Barcode scanning will not be allowed at the used book sale.

“The community has been very generous with donations during this time, and our storerooms are overflowing,” said Tami Comstock, The Friends of the Marshall Public Library Board Member.  “With this surplus of books, you’re sure to find something for your reading needs.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees are required to wear face coverings when six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The Friends of the Marshall Public Library is a 501(c)(3) organization and proceeds from the sale will benefit the library.

For more information on the other programs and services offered by the Marshall Public Library, visit or like the Library’s Facebook page at

The Marshall Public Library is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Program access accommodations may be provided with three (3) days’ advance notice by contacting Skyler Beebe at; 208.234.6248; or 5815 South 5th Avenue, Pocatello, ID.


U. S. Senator James Risch (R-ID) Comments on Supreme Court Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett


(Office of Senator Risch Press Release, September 26, 2020)

BOISE, Idaho – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) made the following statement regarding the nomination of Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court:

Congratulations to Judge Amy Coney Barrett for this high honor. Judge Barrett has a reputation as an exemplary jurist and Constitutionalist, and I look forward to meeting with her to learn more about her judicial philosophy.”


Chubbuck Mayor’s Blog: Chubbuck Police Department Achieves Accreditation

Chubbuck Police Department

(City of Chubbuck Video Release, September 25, 2020)

Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England’s latest video blog provides an update on the Chubbuck Police Department, including the news that the City of Chubbuck Police Department has achieved accreditation with through the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association.

To see the latest video, click on the link, below:


Presidential Message on the National Day of Prayer and Return, 2020

Photo Credit: Aaron Kittredge

(White House Press Release, September 26, 2020)

President Donald J. Trump (Official White House Photo)

On this inaugural National Day of Prayer and Return, the First Lady and I join millions of Christians here in the United States and around the world in prayer, as we turn our hearts to our Lord and Savior.

Our great Nation was founded by men and women of deep and abiding faith—a faith that has stood the test of time.  Four hundred years ago, early American settlers trusted their lives to His providence and braved a voyage to a New World.  From the pilgrims who sought His protection aboard the Mayflower to the countless believers who today bow their heads to ask for His guidance during these unprecedented times, our country continues to turn to the Lord.  Following in our ancestors’ footsteps we continue the “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” that provides us enduring strength and reassurance in our times of need.

The trials and tribulations the American people have faced over the past several months have been great.  Yet, as we have seen time and again, the resolve of our citizenry—fortified by our faith in God—has guided us through these hardships and helped to unite us as one Nation under God.  As we continue to combat the challenges ahead of us, we must remember the sage words of President George Washington during his first Presidential Address: “propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.”  As a country and a people, let us renew our commitment to these abiding and timeless principles.

Today, I am pleased to join my voice to yours in thanking God for blessing this nation with great power and responsibility.  With reverence, humility, and thanksgiving, we beg for His continued guidance and protection.