February 19, 2021

The City of Chubbuck has created their first ever strategic plan.  According to a post on the City’s Facebook page, “The Strategic Plan was created through gathering CommUNITY input, obtaining input from all City Departments, and having discussions with the City’s Elected Officials.  This process created a vision for the future of Chubbuck and guides the budgetary process for transparency and efficiency to achieve the CommUNITY’s vision.

The vision statement associated with the plan reads:


Our CommUNITY:  A great place to live, work, & raise a family

In 2024, the City of Chubbuck is a family-oriented community by being:*

  • a city with vibrant and aesthetic neighborhoods
  • a city that is diverse, inclusive, and unified
  • a city that promotes participatory governance
  • a city that has a well-managed effective, efficient, and economical government
  • a city that is safe and prepared
  • a city with a strong economy
  • a city with healthy residents
  • a city that is accessible for multimodal transportation
  • a city with thriving youth and children
  • a city with growing arts, cultural, and recreational opportunities

* Unless otherwise indicated, no list within this document is intended to be in order of importance.

You can learn more about and read the City’s strategic plan by visiting:

Chubbuck Strategic Plan


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