February 22, 2021

Audience attending RECONNECT Southeast Idaho Event (Photo Credit: RECONNECT Southeast Idaho)

The drive to restore Constitutionally protected freedoms in Pocatello continues to grow as over 200 people attended one of two showings of the pro-liberty film, NON-ESSENTIAL: A DOCUMENTARY, Saturday evening.  In addition to the film, the audience heard from Bannock County Commissioner Jeff Hough and the star of the movie, former police officer and founder of Utah Business Revival, Eric Moutsos.

The film documents the efforts of Moutsos to support small businesses in Utah after they were deemed “nonessential” and closed by politicians on the pretext of the coronavirus.  It is a compelling tale of the fight for liberty against government bureaucrats and politicians.

Eric Moutsos of Utah Business Revival (Photo Credit: RECONNECCT Southeast Idaho

The movie and discussion, sponsored by the grassroots group, RECONNECT Southeast Idaho, were held at the Leavitt Center, with two showings, one at 7:00 p.m. and the other at 9:00 p.m.  During the first showing, due to technical difficulties part way through the film, Bannock County Commissioner Jeff Hough, who had been scheduled to speak following the film, took the stage as staff worked to get the film going again.  His inspirational message focused on the importance of protecting our freedoms.  He emphasized the difference that one person can make when he or she takes a stand for what is right.  During his message, Hough acknowledged Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England, who was in the audience, and asked if he would like to say a few words.  England said it was important that everyone remember that elected politicians are to be servants to those that elected them and are not put in place to rule over residents, but to help them.

At the conclusion of Hough’s remarks, the technical problems were cleared up, and the film continued without further interruption.  When it concluded, Moutsos spoke to the audience.  He also emphasized taking a stance for liberty and credited his faith in God for giving him the fortitude to work to help business owners who were in danger of losing everything when so many in positions of power acted to thwart his efforts.
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