March 28, 2021

RECONNECT Southeast Idaho has announced that Constitution Camp will be returning to Pocatello from July 26 – 30 this year.  The camp, which has been a fixture in Pocatello for a decade, was not held last year due to the coronavirus restrictions.

RECONNECT posted the following on their social media FB page:

“Your kids will get to cross the icy Delaware with George Washington, throw tea into Boston Harbor, sign the Declaration of Independence with ink and quill pens they will make themselves, sew with Betsy Ross, meet King George and our Founding Fathers.

There will be a musical as our Grand Finale that will give the kids an opportunity to show their loved ones all that they learned throughout the week.

It is so important that the future generations learn about The Constitution and about our Founding Fathers who sacrificed so much.  I love that we are able to offer this education to them in a way that is approachable, hands-on, and so darn fun!

Snacks and t-shirts will be provided.”

The cost to attend the camp, which will run from 8:30 a.m. until noon each day, is $50 for the first child in a family and $40 for each additional child.  Children ages 7-14 may attend.

To learn more, or to sign up, email or text/call:

Ashley Smith: 208-705-3921
Michele Holyoak: 208-530-0384



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