April 2, 2021

Idaho District 34 Representative Ron Nate

Where’s my tax relief?

Two years ago in July, local residents by the hundreds were signing recall petitions, upset with dramatic increases in property taxes.  Now, almost two years later, residents are still waiting for action.  But, on Saturday, April 17, you’ll have a chance to find out what is going on with respect to tax policy at the state level by attending the second of the monthly Liberty Dinners, sponsored by the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer.

In what is sure to be a very informative and eye-opening talk, Representative Ron Nate of Rexburg will be discussing tax relief…and what really goes on in the Idaho State Legislature around this important issue.

Don’t miss out on an evening connecting with like-minded conservatives who want to see government start working for them.  To reserve your seat, contact John Crowder today at jcrowder27@hotmail.com or by phone/text at (925) 628-4033.

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