April 11, 2021

The Next Wave of Segregation

Dear Editor,

Various corporate franchises are touting their plans for a Vaccine Passport.  This passport will be awarded to the patrons who go along with whatever the medical elites recommend.  Right now, they are recommending that all need to get the current experimental COVID
Vaccine.  There will be no exceptions.  Since when do the corporate elites get to dictate medical decisions?  If they can do this, what else will they be requiring?

Governor’s DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas are not putting up with the Vaccine Passport plan, and have set in motion plans to protect their citizens.  They are not going to allow Floridians and Texans to be segregated into the haves and the have nots.  So now, the run of the mill politicians are looking for cover, enter Idaho Governor Brad Little.  He
quickly sewed on a fig leaf and called it good.  His plan will allow for the segregation of Idahoans in most instances, because his plan cannot guarantee that individuals would be able to acquire common life-sustaining goods and services available to the public.  Most hospitals, airlines and other such businesses receive government funding and are hybrids, not private businesses.  These public/private partnerships will be the ones who will have the ability to segregate the masses, but do they have a right to do this?

Representative Pricilla Giddings has a plan that needs to be acted on this week.  She is not going to let these public/private partnerships withhold life-sustaining goods and services from Idaho citizens.  Call your Representatives now and demand to give her Bill HB140 a hearing!  Finally, let Governor Little know that you are on to him!

Diane Wheeler

Sandpoint, Idaho

Editor’s Note:  You can read an analysis of HB 140 by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, here: 

House Bill 140 — Medical consumer protection, vaccines


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