April 14, 2021

Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England (Photo credit: City of Chubbuck)

Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England and Bannock County Commissioner Jeff Hough each spoke at a Town Hall meeting held on Monday, April 12.

The meeting began with local resident LaQueta Morgan, who has been arranging Town Hall meetings with the goal of helping residents meet and ask questions of their elected officials, introducing the two speakers.

Mayor England spoke first at the event.  The mayor emphasized the importance of the people staying current with respect to their government and the actions they are taking on their behalf.  He also addressed property taxes.

Bannock County Commissioner Jeff Hough (Photo Credit: jeffhoughforcommissioner.com)

Commissioner Hough spoke about growth, and also addressed property taxes.

Questions from those in attendance were wide-ranging, with residents asking about government actions being undertaken at the federal, state, and local levels.  Concerns about immigration, the Biden/Harris border crisis, property taxes, and government overreach were all brought up by local residents.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Morgan asked for participants to provide feedback and said that she would continue to help arrange Town Hall meetings.


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