(Idaho Freedom Action Press Release, April 16, 2021)

Idaho Freedom Action Vice President Dustin Hurst

Idaho Freedom Action Vice President Dustin Hurst released the following statement in response to Gov. Brad Little’s plan to veto House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1136:

“Idahoans sent lawmakers to Boise this January with one mandate:  Rein in the power of the executive branch.

“Residents from across the state recognized that Gov. Brad Little has abused the power and authority of his office in the name of public safety.  In an indefinitely-extended state of emergency, the executive branch unilaterally overtook legislative duties, like allocating billions of taxpayer dollars.  The executive branch took control over all aspects of Idahoans’ daily lives.  As a result of the governor’s actions, families and businesses suffered.

“Lawmakers, thankfully, took action.  They passed House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1136 to protect Idahoans’ rights to freely gather, worship, and work.  These popular bills were thoughtfully crafted to trim executive power while still allowing the state to respond properly to emergencies and disasters.

“Both bills passed by veto-proof majorities, a testament to their popularity among lawmakers.

“Today, in an embarrassingly tone deaf press conference, Little announced his plan to veto the two measures.  Anyone who reads the actual bills can clearly see Little’s concerns about Idaho being unable to respond to natural disasters are simply untrue.

“In reality, the governor is desperately clinging to power after this stinging rebuke by lawmakers.  His vetoes mean future governors would be able extend emergencies indefinitely with no legislative oversight.

“It’s shameful.

“Idahoans tired of Little’s overreach need to be heard right now.  Sign the Idaho Freedom Action petition here to urge lawmakers to override the governor’s vetoes on these two bills.”

Editor’s Note:  You can find the petition, here:

PETITION: Override Little’s vetoes of bills to trim executive power

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