(City of Pocatello Press Release, April 20, 2021)

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad (photo credit: City of Pocatello website)

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad is on his way to being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Tuesday, Mayor Blad received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at Southeastern Idaho Public Health’s offices.  He received his first dose March 30.

“The quickest way we get back to normal is for as many people as possible to get vaccinated against COVID-19,” said Mayor Brian Blad.  “I didn’t have any side effects from my first dose but if you are concerned about getting a vaccine, please talk to your health care provider.”

“It is very important to get both shots in a two-dose series to achieve maximum protection,” said Maggie Mann, Southeastern Idaho Public Health District Director.  “Also, it takes your body’s immune system time to respond to the vaccine.  People are not considered ‘fully vaccinated’ until two weeks after their second dose.”

More than 570,000 Idahoans have received a vaccine against COVID-19, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.  In Bannock County, two out of every five residents ages 16 and over (42 percent) have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

For a list of clinics in Southeast Idaho administering the COVID-19 vaccine, visit siphidaho.org/covid19-vaccine-clinics.php.


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