April 22, 2021

Following a debate lasting over an hour, members of the Idaho House just moments ago passed HB 377, Public Education – Nondiscrimination, on a vote of 57-12.  The bill now goes to the Idaho Senate.

As described in an analysis provided by the Idaho Freedom Foundation on the Freedom Index page, “House Bill 377 bans public institutions of higher education and K-12 schools from compelling students to adopt or affirm the divisive tenets of Critical Race Theory, a tool used aggressively by social justice ideologues to maintain power over our schools, workplaces and daily lives.  The bill prevents all public education institutions from expending money to compel students to affirm or adopt the tenets of Critical Race Theory.”

The analysis of the bill provided by the Idaho Freedom Foundation can be found, here:

House Bill 377 — Public education, nondiscrimination


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