April 23, 2021

Parents Will Get No Help from Idaho’s Governor, State Board of Education, in Fight Against Social Justice Indoctrination

by:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

Idaho parents fighting against the social justice indoctrination of their children and the teaching of Marxist critical race theory, ideas that are being used to brainwash America’s children into socialists who loathe their country, will get no help from Idaho’s Governor Brad Little or Idaho’s State Board of Education (SBE).  If there had been any doubt, that was made clear at an appalling “press conference,” more of a propaganda session, held yesterday.  Governor Little was joined by outgoing SBE President Debbie Critchfield and incoming SBE President Kurt Liebich, who dismissed the concerns of students, parents, and legislators in an incredible gaslighting session.

For the first few minutes, it seemed that those speaking were, perhaps, going to strike a conciliatory tone.  “Every student is entitled to a position neutral education,” said Critchfield.  She added, “It is always unacceptable when a student of any age is made to feel intimidated or coerced into certain ways of thinking.”

Then, Liebich spoke, and the tone quickly changed.  Just moments after the Idaho House overwhelmingly passed HB 377 on a vote of 57-12,  which, according to an analysis done by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, effectively, “bans public institutions of higher education and K-12 schools from compelling students to adopt or affirm the divisive tenets of Critical Race Theory…” Liebich questioned the focus of the legislators.  “If you had asked me what the legislature would have focused on, as the session began, I would have thought the conversation would have been about the impact of the pandemic.”  “But that’s not where the conversation has been at all,” he continued, “it’s been about the issue of do we or do we not indoctrinate kids…”

It went downhill from there as Liebich built his case that concerns about indoctrination in Idaho schools are unfounded.  “I have enormous confidence in our local school boards,” he said.  “And my belief is that if anything like that was occurring that the policies and procedures we have in place at the local level would address it and address it quickly.”

Liebich continued, dismissing the testimony that parents and students around the state have provided regarding the seriousness of the problem.  “…I think we need to turn our attention to actually collecting objective data.  Too much of the conversation in the legislature is based on anecdotal evidence, there isn’t a lot of fact or data around this debate,” he said.

From here, in a “fox guarding the henhouse” proposal, Liebich said, “…we need to ask our universities to collect data about the climate.”

Then came the “head in the sand” argument.  After acknowledging that the issue is relevant in other parts of the nation, Liebach said, “I don’t think we have those issues in Idaho.”

The press conference continued, ultimately with members of the media asking questions which allowed the State Board members to continue their gaslighting of Idahoans.

One thing that was said was true, though.  Governor Little noted in a press release coinciding with the news conference, “Idaho’s public education system is locally driven.  If parents or teachers spot something that concerns them, they should bring it to the attention of the teacher, principal, superintendent, or school board trustees and root out the problem at the local level…”

With seven of the eight members of the State Board appointed by the governor, parents must resign themselves to the fact that this group will continue to back the education establishment, under the guise of, “supporting education,” until the governor, and thus the Board, is replaced.

In the meantime, parents must realize that, except for the support of some legislators who are willing to fight for them, they are on their own.

Even so, parents do have the ability to eradicate the scourge of social justice indoctrination at the local level.  To accomplish this, they’ll have to take a hard, critical look at what is going on in their local schools.  They’ll need to elect a school board consisting of parents, not cheerleaders, who, under the guise of, “supporting education,” act to defend the system, no matter how bad it might be.

The only questions are:

Have enough parents woken up to the threat of the socialist agenda to act?

Will parents do the work needed to ensure those elected to local school boards will put them, their children, and the future of Idaho, first?


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