May 2, 2021 (Photo Credit:  North Bannock Fire Department)

A few dozen residents attended one of three meetings held by North Bannock Fire District (NBFD) Commissioners on Saturday, May 1, to discuss the upcoming levy vote.  Commissioners Roy Allen, Alan Curtis, and Deb Shell each met with residents from their respective sub district for one-hour sessions.  North Bannock Fire Department personnel were also on hand to give station tours and show constituents the fire fighting equipment the district has obtained over the last year and a half.

On May 18th, residents of the fire district will be asked to permanently add $316,073 to the current base levy of $183,927.  An in-depth letter describing the levy situation is posted on the NBFD website (

Constituents who were unable to attend the meeting are invited to reach out to the Commissioners as follows:

Roy Allen (Sub district 1 – West Boundary): Phone: 208-317-9056
Alan Curtis (Sub district 2 –North & Tyhee Area): Phone: 208-244-0959
Deb Shell (Subdistrict 3 – East Boundary & Canyons): Phone: 208-863-6710
To learn more about the North Bannock Fire District, visit their Facebook page at:


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