May 13, 2021

Late last night the Idaho House voted to recess until December 31, while the Senate voted to adjourn Sine Die.

In a post on Facebook, Idaho District 3B Representative Tony Wisniewski explained:

“At 11:25 PM tonight (May 12), the House voted on a Motion to Recess until no later than December 31, subject to the Call of the Speaker. Before the motion could be voted on, there was a motion made by the Minority Party to adjourn Sine Die, which took priority. That motion was soundly defeated.

The Senate, on the other hand, did adjourn Sine Die.

By recessing, the House may be brought back into session without the governor’s permission. When the governor calls the Legislature into an Extraordinary Session, as he did last August, the Constitution allows him to specify the areas in which legislation can be passed. Since we are still in session, we can now meet on our schedule to appropriate Federal funds sent to Idaho, or to react to any conditions that the governor or the Federal government may impose on Idaho. I am proud of all the House members who voted to retain some level of our legislative power!”


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