May 23, 2021

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin (Official Photo)

Last Monday, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin announced her run for the Idaho Governor’s office at a press conference held in Idaho Falls, and supporters from throughout Eastern Idaho traveled to hear the news.

From St. Anthony and Rexburg to the north, Ammon to the east, Chubbuck and Pocatello to the south, McGeachin’s diverse group of supporters made the trek to hear the historic announcement, as she seeks to become the first female governor in Idaho’s history.  There were business owners and stay-at-home moms with their children in tow, university instructors and farmers all in attendance.

The crowd was wildly enthusiastic about McGeachin’s candidacy, which was apparent throughout her speech.  Typical is LaQueta Morgan.  Driving for over an hour to hear the news, she said, “”I traveled to Idaho Falls to see the Lt. Governor speak because she has consistently stood up for the constitutional rights and God-given liberties of Idahoans throughout the events of this last year.  I love that she is open about her faith and her concern for the middle class, especially small business owners.  Small businesses are the bedrock of Idaho’s robust economy and she has demonstrated that she is willing to fight on their behalf.

She understands that all people are essential to their families’ livelihood and she stood up to the lockdowns that placed some citizens into a lower class of people and required them to rely on government handouts.  Because of all of her hard work this last year defending constitutional rights, small businesses, and hard working Idahoan’s, I thought it was important to go and support her.  I was thrilled to find out that she is running for Governor of Idaho, and I look forward to helping with her campaign in the Pocatello area. ”

To learn more about McGeachin’s campaign for Governor of Idaho, click on the image, below:


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