June 1, 2021

The City Council agenda for the Thursday, June 3 regularly scheduled meeting has been posted on the City’s website.  There are 18 agenda items, including two involving the Pocatello Police Department.  These read:

AGENDA ITEM NO. 13: MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT WITH SCHOOL DISTRICT #25 FOR SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER – POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Council may wish to approve an updated Memorandum of Agreement with Pocatello/Chubbuck School District #25 to fund the current School Resource Officer (SRO) program.  School District #25 has agreed to provide an additional $91,512.64 to help fund costs for wages and benefits to the current SRO officers.  (ACTION ITEM)

AGENDA ITEM NO. 14: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH PUBLIC SAFETY CADETS (PSC) FOR COMMUNITY PROGRAM – POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Council may wish to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Public Safety Cadets (PSC) for establishment of a Public Safety Cadet program.  The program provides mentorship to young adults by public safety professionals through service to their communities and provides knowledge, skills and practical experiences through education and training.  The program focus is on building character, physical fitness and respect for the law.  Cost of the program is $20.00 per year for unit registration and $15.00 per mentor participating in the program.  The Police Department anticipates 6 or 7 officers to be involved as mentors each year.  Cadet participation fees in the amount of $15.00 per participant will be paid for by participating cadets.  (ACTION ITEM)  The PSC program will be implemented in conjunction with the First Responders Course offered through School District #25.

To view the full agenda or for more information, visit:  June 3 City Council Agenda


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