June 12, 2021

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

In a post to her Facebook page this morning, Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin issued a statement in which she defended due process and free speech while calling out the biased media mischaracterizations promulgated by mainstream media outlets and big tech companies pushing a liberal narrative.

McGeachin statement reads:

As a former Idaho State Representative and current Lt. Governor, I have watched the media at all levels ignore human rights when it doesn’t fit their “narrative.”  Defending these rights used to be a bedrock principle among liberals, but no more.  Now it is a conservative issue.

I will defend all Idahoans’ rights to due process and free speech, whether an individual is accused of right-wing extremism or protesting for equality under the law. Nobody is excluded from our civil rights as enshrined in our country and state constitutions. Conversely, if you break the law, then you should be held accountable by an unbiased justice system that seeks truth and legitimate justice on behalf of victims.

The mainstream media and big tech companies would have you believe otherwise. That’s why they de-platform citizens and groups who they don’t agree with. The media will continue to mischaracterize my fight for due process for all citizens to create confusion and sow discontent. The media spin could not be further from the truth.

All Idahoans deserve equal treatment under the law regardless of their race, sex, or political affiliation. When the media chooses to mischaracterize my actions, let it serve as a stark reminder of just how far they’ve strayed from their job to serve as a meaningful check against power and its abuses.

These media attacks are a badge of honor they have bestowed upon me and a vigorous source of strength to continue this fight for equal justice under the law. I encourage all Idahoans to join me in the ongoing fight to Make Idaho Free Again!
Editor’s Note:  Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin is a candidate for Idaho Governor.  You can read more about her campaign by clicking on the image, below: 


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