June 16, 2021

Jim Krueger (Photo Credit: City of Pocatello)

Last week, following a contentious budget meeting at which Pocatello City Council members argued over the presentation of budget data and how staff should be directed to provide budget requests, Pocatello Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer Jim Krueger resigned.  At the time, Krueger said that he felt some members of the Council were disparaging the work that he was doing.

Today, Krueger provided a clarifying statement, as follows:

“I have had some time to reflect on last Thursday’s budget meeting and my feelings about how I believe I was treated.  At the time of the meeting on Thursday, I felt that my efforts and hard work were being disregarded and that three City Council members were being critical of me for not bringing forward a simple one-page budget solution document.  I have since had an opportunity to play back the recording of the meeting and to talk with Council members Stevens and Bray and believe that the intentions of Council members Stevens, Bray and Ortega were not to impugn me or my work personally at that time or at any other time during my stay with the City of Pocatello.

I heard at the time of the meeting on Thursday, that the community was voicing to Council member Stevens that they had a lack of trust in the administration of the fiscal operations of the City.  At the time I heard that comment from Council member Stevens, I believed it was intended to include me (by association) with the administration of the financial operations of the City of Pocatello.  I have since come to understand that the comment was apparently not aimed at me personally.  I am obviously relieved to hear that the citizens who talked to Chris Stevens about the financial operations of the City, were not singling me out as the reason for these concerns.

I now feel that the entire City Council at that time and before that time did not disregard my hard work and efforts on the budget.  Additionally, I also feel that from the time I began working at Pocatello up to the time of the Thursday budget meeting that my efforts were appreciated by the entire City Council.  My efforts from now and until my last day of work at Pocatello will be to serve the Mayor, City Council and Pocatello citizens to the best of my professional capability and capacity.”

Krueger has agreed to continue in his current position until the middle of July to help ensure a smooth transition to new leadership in the City’s Finance Department.


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