June 28, 2021

Yesterday, True Idaho News published a piece entitled, “Idaho State Board of Education Attempting an ‘End Around’ on CRT.”

In the article, they bring attention to a special meeting of the State Board of Education being held today at 4:00 p.m., in which the Board is promoting a policy amendment, citing the following background:

“This policy is the result of Board discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the public school system in response to unfounded allegations of systematic indoctrination occurring at the four-year public postsecondary institutions in Idaho.  This policy embodies the charge and expectation of each institution to promote and advance the principles of diversity, educational equity, and inclusion.  These concepts are necessary components of educational experiences that challenge individuals to grow, improve critical thinking, refine skills, build character, develop awareness, and engage in freedom of thought and expression.”  (Emphasis added.)

To read the full story at True Idaho News, visit:

Idaho State Board of Education Attempting an ‘End Around’ on CRT


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