July 19, 2021

Wreath-Laying Ceremony Held at Southeast Idaho Veterans Memorial

By:  Craig Nickisch, Col., U.S. Army (Ret.)

USS Idaho Commander Nicholas Meyers, Marine Corps League Det. #698 Commandant Jim Van Osdol, and their wives at Southeast Idaho Veterans Memorial wreath laying ceremony

The USS Idaho, SSN 799, is a new Virginia-class nuclear submarine now under construction.  On 2 July 2021, a delegation from the USS Idaho’s crew visited Pocatello, Idaho, as part of a good will visit to the state.

The Navy delegation consisted of the Captain, Commander Nicholas Meyers, the Chief of the Boat, Master Chief David Pope, and four crewmen.

At 16:30 hours the delegation participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Southeast Idaho Veterans Memorial.  The ceremony was hosted by the Pocatello Marine Corps League, under Commandant Jim Van Osdol, and a number of community citizens, many of them veterans, were in attendance.

Placing a wreath at a memorial, often but not always a military ceremony, is known the world over.  Military organizations, and even U.S. Presidents, often honor veterans or deceased members of the services by placing a wreath of greenery, generally with a bow and streamers, at a grave site or a memorial.

With military and veterans saluting, Commander Meyers and Commandant Van Osdol carried the wreath and its stand from the arc of flags to the Memorial Plaque, where it was placed in honor of the Southeast Idaho veterans.  The red, white and blue bow had two streamers, on which were printed “USS Idaho” and “SSN 799” reflecting the new submarine and its crew.  Commander Meyers said, “Having the opportunity to place the wreath at this memorial was the high point of our visit to Pocatello.  It was a special moment, when we could honor veterans of all our armed services.”

After the ceremony, the wreath was fixed in a more stable position to the base of the Memorial Plaque, where it remained through the 4th of July.

To learn more about the U.S.S. Idaho, visit:  USS Idaho Commissioning Committee, FB



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