July 23, 2021

Yesterday, in their daily newsletter, “Principal News,” textbook publishing company McGraw Hill announced the establishment of an “Equity Advisory Board.”

The email statement reads, “Our journey with educational equity has always been of a dual nature:  we are learners, observing the creative approaches skilled educators use every day to empower students, and we are leaders, continuously working to apply evolving research to new instructional solutions that can support districts’ equity initiatives.  Through that journey, and through our position as both listeners and contributors, learners and leaders, we recognize the importance of making a commitment.”

In an article on the company website introducing the Equity Advisory Board, Sean Ryan, McGraw Hill School Group President, says, “In the last year, our senior leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers have attended dialogue sessions focused on understanding unconscious biases and implementing consciously inclusive leadership.”

Ryan goes on to say that the Board hopes to accomplish the following:

  • Provide insights and guidance on national and global trends in educational equity, culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy, and social justice,
  • Participate in discussions and planning of new ideas and business transformation in relation to educational equity in our products, projects, and practices
  • Review current product development practices, processes, and products and provide insights into ways of incorporating equity practices and frameworks, and
  • Advise our team members on equity-focused research efforts related to product development.

To read the full announcement from Ryan, visit: Introducing The McGraw Hill Equity Advisory Board | Inspired Ideas (medium.com)

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