July 24, 2021

Greg Pruett

Today it was announced that Greg Pruett has been appointed to the position of State Vice Chairman of the Idaho Constitution Party by Constitution Party of Idaho Acting State Chairman Tony Ullrich.

Discussing the appointment, Ullrich said, “Greg has shown a tireless effort in the fight for liberty and conservatism in Idaho.  He has the skill sets the party needs.  He will be a great addition to the party’s executive committee and an asset any political party would be privileged to have.  I feel blessed to have Greg on our team and that he is willing to step up and put forward the effort this position requires with the little amount of free time he has.”

Pruett said of his appointment, ““It’s an honor to be selected as the new State Vice Chairman for the Constitution Party of Idaho.  I’ve never done the easy route when it comes to politics.  We need something different, more bold, and more conservative than the political party options we have now in Idaho.  I can’t wait to help CP-Idaho become a tremendous force for Idahoans that want real limited government.”

To read more, click on the image, below:

Greg Pruett Announced as State Vice Chairman


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