July 28, 2021  (Photo Credit:  RECONNECT Southeast Idaho)

AMVETS Idaho Post 1 Honor Guard Commander Miguel Dominic teaches students at Pocatello’s Constitution Camp proper flag folding. (Photo Credit: RECONNECT Southeast Idaho)

Today, on the third day of Pocatello’s Kids Constitution Camp, AMVETS Idaho Post 1 Honor Guard Commander Miguel Dominic was the guest speaker, teaching the approximately five dozen students about the importance of the American flag.  His talk included a demonstration of the proper way to fold a flag, with the assistance of Past AMVETS Idaho Post 1 Commander Lance Kolbet.  Next, Dominic selected two young people from the audience and allowed them to carry out the flag folding ceremony.  The students also heard Chris Richardson play taps.

Later in the day, the students continued learning about the founding of America with a visit by ‘Betsy Ross’ and the ‘Patriots in Petticoats.’  They even got to try their hand at sewing!

Pocatello’s Constitution Camp is a week long, half-day camp being put on by RECONNECT Southeast Idaho.  To learn more about the group, visit:  RECONNECT Southeast Idaho, FB


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