August 16, 2021

In an interview released today on Idaho Speaks, candidate for Idaho Attorney General Art Macomber told interviewer and host Ed Bejarana that if Governor Brad Little won’t act, residents should, “man the barricades.  Stop the traffic.  And force everyone…and keep the illegal aliens out that are sick.”

The statement by Macomber came during a discussion of the emergency powers of the Governor.  Prior to these comments, Macomber said, “I hereby call on Governor Little to immediately, either stop and close off the emergency that he declared last year, which is way beyond statutory power, and just recognize that it’s done, and that things are under control in Idaho, or he should invoke the militia statutes under the Constitution and under the statutes of Idaho, call out the militia, close the borders of Idaho, and so people can be tested.  If they are illegal aliens, or if they demonstrably have COVID on the spot, they should be kept out of Idaho.”

Macomber’s full interview can be head, here:

Art Macomber Discusses Gubernatorial Emergency Powers


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