(McGeachin for Governor Campaign Press Release, August 17, 2021)

Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin

Idaho Falls, Idaho — The McGeachin for Governor Campaign has announced a slate of regional directors who have assumed critical campaign duties in their respective regions.  McGeachin is seeking the Republican nomination for Idaho Governor in the 2022 Republican Primary.

“I am very pleased and thankful to be able to announce our regional directors today,” McGeachin said.  “With their assistance, our campaign to restore the principles that have Made Idaho Great will increase its presence and activity tremendously.”

Cornel Rasor will serve as Region 1 Director.  Cornel served four years as a Bonner County Commissioner and currently serves as the chairman of the Bonner County Natural Resources Committee which serves under the County Commissioners.  He supports Janice because, “She understands the issues that are facing our state today and is more than willing to tackle those issues and bring answers that will maintain the liberty that Idahoans cherish.”

Tim Kastning will serve as Region 2 Director.  Tim served as Janice’s regional director in her race for Lt. Governor.  He supports Janice because he has never seen her compromise her conservative principles for political expediency.  He says, “Janice McGeachin is a true conservative who will stand for peoples’ rights and liberties, and she is a person that you can count on to fulfill what they promise.”

Mila Wood will serve as Region 3 Director.  Mila is a native Idahoan, married for 33 years with two grown boys.  She and her husband are small business owners.  She supports Janice because, “As a fellow small business owner, Janice believes that all Idaho small businesses are essential.  She would never side with the hate America team to tell anyone in Idaho that they are non-essential.”

Dan McKnight will serve as Region 4 Director.  Dan is a resident of Eagle, Idaho, small business owner, high school football coach, husband, father, and grandfather.  He is the chairman and Founder of a Veterans organization called BringOurTroopsHome.US.  He supports Janice because, “Idaho discovered a champion of individual liberty.  We watched as one constitutional officer in our state stood on the side of freedom and worked to keep Idaho free!  I am proud to stand with Janice for Idaho!”

Darr Moon will serve as Region 5 Co-Director.  Darr lives in central Idaho and is a geological engineer by trade.  He has been active in conservative politics for decades.  He supports Janice because, “She has solutions.  Let’s fuel our economy instead of these fires, and think of the benefits — the benefits to our health, the benefits to our schools, and the benefits to our economy.”

Viki Purdy will serve as Region 5 Co-Director.  Viki serves as an Adams County Commissioner and has held numerous political and community leadership roles throughout her career.  She supports Janice because, “I know Janice will protect the people’s God-given rights.  Far too often, we see elected officials and bureaucrats who choose to abuse the rights of good patriots and move us ever closer to a country that has abandoned its constitutional foundations.  As Governor, Janice will represent and defend all the people of Idaho, and I am proud to support her.

Bryan Zollinger will serve as Region 6 Director.  Bryan served 4 years on the Idaho Falls District 91 School Board and another 4 years in the Idaho State Legislature.  He supports Janice because, “I have worked with her in our local community and in the state legislature and have witnessed her tremendous leadership.  I know that Janice will always fight to preserve our God given rights and will always defend those rights guaranteed us, both in the Idaho and the United States Constitution.”

Dennis Hakes will serve as Region 7 Director.  Dennis and his wife are small business owners and have a large family with 13 children and 28 grandchildren.  He supports Janice because, “Janice loves God, Janice believes in individual freedom, Janice hates a bribe, and we will ALL have a friend in the Governor of Idaho.”

LaQueta Morgan will serve as Region 8 Director.  LaQueta is a classical educator and homeschooling mom.  She believes that good education is fundamental to our constitutional republic and the freedom of future generations.  She supports Janice because, “Janice has proven that she will stand up for our freedoms, our families, and our education in Idaho.  She is a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up to the media and the establishment politicians.”

Additional information about the campaign can be found on the McGeachin for Governor Campaign website (Janice McGeachin for Idaho Governor – Proven, Conservative Leadership (janiceforidaho.com)) and on the campaign’s social media accounts.

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