August 23, 2021

Over 100 businesses in Bannock County have determined to stand up for individual rights and liberty when it comes to making health care decisions, pledging not to require COVID vaccines of their employees or customers.


Earlier this month, three local men, John Christensen, Rob Jensen, and David Worley, met to discuss what they might do to fight back against the rapid erosion of Idahoans’ liberties that they were witnessing.  Worley, noting the push to threaten employees’ livelihoods and to restrict the freedoms of individuals who refuse to receive the experimental COVID vaccines, suggested approaching local businesses to determine whether business owners would be willing to stand up against these restrictive policies.  He developed a pledge stating that, as business owners, they would not require proof of vaccination of their employees and customers.

In less than three weeks, the three men, and others who have joined the effort, have obtained the signatures of over 100 local business owners.

Signers of the pledge represent businesses in a wide range of industries.  They include automotive sales and repair, real estate, home services, retail, personal services, restaurants, and media.

Christensen described his meetings with business owners.  “My approach is simple,” he said.  “I go and ask to see the business owner.  Once in front of the owner, I simply state that many residents in the county are extremely concerned about the state or county mandating that businesses require their employees of customers show proof of vaccination to do business.  Most of them say that they would not be in favor of such action.  I show them the pledge, and almost all of them sign it right then.”

Worley explained how he came up with the idea of a pledge.  “I was approached by a small group of concerned citizens who wanted my help to figure out what we could do locally to protect our freedoms.  One big concern we discussed was the pending vaccine mandates, whether they come from the government or private businesses.  The idea that the government or your employer can force you to undergo any medical treatment is completely contrary to the principles of American freedom.

So, I drafted a pledge, and we organized a team to meet with local business owners and ask them to commit to respecting the rights, freedoms, and private medical decisions of their employees and customers.  The response has been very positive, and dozens of businesses have signed the pledge.  We recognized that if enough of us say no, any future mandate will be unenforceable.

Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said after the Constitutional Convention that America has “A republic, if you can keep it.”  Ultimately, it is the people who must protect their freedom and we decided it was time to build a coalition of businesses, employees, and customers who will say no to anyone who wants to take away our liberty.”

Tom Nelson, one of the business owners who signed the pledge, explained why he felt it was important to take a stand.  “What I’m pledging is to stand for the Constitution,” he said.  “The government has destroyed individuals’ businesses and has claimed the right to control where we go, who we can be with and what we can say.  What freedoms are we willing to sacrifice on the altar of safety?  Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’  This seems very applicable today.”

Business owners who would like to join others in signing the pledge should contact John Christensen at

Editor’s Note:  The Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer is proud to be one of the businesses signing the pledge and taking a stand for individual freedom when it comes to making decisions about one’s health.


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