(Idaho Republican Party Press Release, September 12, 2021)

Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna (Photo Credit: Tom Luna Facebook Page)

Boise, ID — Monday, September 13, 2021, President Biden will be visiting the Interagency Fire Center in Boise to review wildfire and forest management strategies.  This is a unique and rare opportunity for the sitting President to visit Idaho, and we hope that while here he will take the time to meaningfully engage Idahoans on land management and other important issues.

Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, Tom Luna, had this message for the President:

“Welcome to Idaho, Mr. President.  While you are here witnessing the devastation of our forests, because of the gross mismanagement of federal lands, please take time to answer these four questions that have been troubling Idahoans and Americans alike.

  • On your first day in office, a gallon of gas was $2.63.  The Keystone pipeline was under construction and America was energy independent.  Today, just eight months later, the pipeline has been abandoned, and America is once again dependent on foreign countries for energy.  A gallon of gas is now $3.75, a whopping increase of nearly 70 percent.  Middle class and lower socio-economic families are suffering and struggling as the price of fuel continues to rise with no end in sight.  What is your plan to bring the fuel prices down to the level we were accustomed to before you took office and to make America energy independent again?
  • For almost two years America had not suffered a death in Afghanistan.  When you came into office America was positioned for a non-violent withdrawal and end of military hostilities in Afghanistan.  Then suddenly, with little explanation, a botched withdrawal resulted in 13 brave soldiers slaughtered, hundreds of Americans abandoned, and billions of dollars in advanced military weapons fell into the hands of our enemies.  Please explain.  Was your withdrawal from Afghanistan the only and best possible solution to remove the United States from that conflict?  And what is the plan to get all Americans out?
  • Mr. President, please describe how your recent vaccine and testing mandate targeting private companies does not violate our 10th amendment rights.
  • Finally, Under President Trump’s administration, our U.S./Mexico border was secure and illegal immigration was at an all-time low.  In just eight months our boarders are once again unsecure and illegal immigration is climbing at a record rate.  What is your border security plan to quickly re-secure our borders and protect all Americans across the country?

We sincerely hope that the President engages the nearly two million Idahoans impacted by his policies.  Including wildfire and land management, Idahoans deserve answers to how this administration intends to address these additional concerns hurting our communities.”


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