September 17, 2021

Last week the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer sent an email interview request to all Pocatello City Council candidates.  James Bucci is running for City Council Seat #6.  His answers to our questions follow:

1. What, in your opinion, is the main purpose of government?

I believe the main purpose of the government needs to be more than just its three branches.  It has to be more than a protector of its land and people.  The government must be a symbol to be proud of.  It has to imbue the spirit of all its people.  Our elected officials need to show us, the people, that we can be more than our differences and better because of those differences.  The government has to be a beacon for the people to look to.  Not so damn decisive.

2. How would you ensure that citizens are given the opportunity to be involved in city government decisions?

The best way to make sure to get citizens involved in government decisions is to get involved with their lives.  I will cut my days at work to one or two (if i stay at all) and be reaching out to the people to get them involved.  I’ll use the usual suspects as other candidates such as social media and set-up meet and greets, but I’ll be knocking on doors throughout my term as a city council member.

3. What is your position on the City imposing health-related ordinances such as mask or vaccine mandates?

In regards to the city imposing health-related ordinances, I am for mask mandates, but it’s an individual choice for the vaccine.  When the vaccine has been around longer and there is more science to support it, then, it is on the government to decide if a mandate for the vaccine is appropriate.  Personally I got the vaccine and so has my son who is fifteen.  Masks are a low energy high impact solution to help fight this virus.  I was a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Marine for eight years and one of the most important lesson we teach other Marines is to get something between you and your airway.  Even if you don’t have a mask to don.

4. What is your fiscal policy?  How would you ensure that the taxpayer is getting the best value for his tax dollar, and what steps would you take to reduce spending therefore reducing taxes?

To make sure the tax payers are getting the most out of the taxes is we need to make it easier for citizens to track their money and  need to cut out red tape.  Like what Gov. Little did when President Trump asked for states to eliminate needless regulations.  This is what we need to do at the city level.  Another issue is wasting money on workers we don’t need.  I’m not the only person who has seen four people watching one person work.  This is just laziness which is something I don’t abide.  We need to have a sit-down with all of the city’s department heads and have a real talk about what we can eliminate, to include workers.  If people want to spend less on tax dollars we need to get the most out of the people who work for the city.  I believe we all need to work harder to do better as a city as a whole.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we can lower taxes.  I believe our first responders need to be paid more than they are now.  People want to say they support police or fireman but don’t want to pay taxes to give them a raise.  I find this unacceptable. 

5. What is your policy with respect to economic development?

For better economic development we need to do more to lure solid businesses to our city.  We need to stop bringing in businesses that are bound to fail.  We have enough thrift stores for a county let alone a city.  I actually suggest having to get a license, a fee, for any business who wants to open shop in Pocatello.  This will not only bring in extra revenue for the city but make sure a business is serious about being here.  If people have to pay just to open store here it will make sure they have a solid business plan that is destined to succeed.  We also need to target all age groups.  My son told me he would like to see a video game tournament in downtown Poky.  This would bring a younger demographic into the city and allow vendors to open their products to a new group of people.  I want to see Downtown Pocatello explode.  I want other cities across the country to emulate what we have.  I love downtown and want to see it explode once we get rid of the pandemic.

6. What do you believe are the most important issues facing Pocatello right now, and how would you address them?

The most important issue facing Pocatello is the same that is facing the nation and that’s the fighting between each other.  We need to stop viewing each other as enemies just because we have different ideas.  We are all Pocatellans, Idahoans, Americans, and Humans.  Lets stop viewing each other and our ideas as hostile and remember we all trying to do the best with what we have.  Acceptance and love are what’s going to allow us to prosper as a people.  It is time to put the petty bickering aside.


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