October 14, 2021

Tone Deaf or Gaslighting?  Governor Little’s Latest Press Release Might as Well Read, “Janice McGeachin for Governor”

By:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

Is Governor Brad Little this tone deaf?  His latest attempt at gaslighting the citizens of Idaho into believing he is supporting workers who are about to be fired for refusing to inject an experimental substance into their bodies against their will is astonishingly inept.  While health care workers across the state have been practically begging the legislature to come back into session and take action to prevent them from losing their jobs over vaccine mandates, Little, already half-way through the month, decided the best action he could take was to issue a proclamation declaring October, “Idaho Health Care Worker Appreciation Month.”  Thanks, Governor.  Thanks for nothing.  Next, you can issue a “strongly worded letter.”

If the last year has revealed anything, it has shown us that Idaho is not the conservative state it is purported to be…at least as far as most Republicans in state offices and the Idaho legislature goes.  It has become clear that these RINO’s are completely captured by powerful corporate interests and are more than willing to turn their backs on individual Idahoans.  They’ve forgotten, or perhaps never knew, that the first duty of any elected official in America is to protect the rights of the individual.

Only last month, when the true conservative legislators went to Boise, attempting to achieve a quorum so they could pass a bill to stop corporations from firing workers over vaccine mandates, most of the Republican legislators refused to attend.  These weak Republicans have their excuses.  Some put on a stunt to make it appear as if they were supporting workers, but it was only an act.  They didn’t like the process, they said.  They held faux press conferences and attended rallies for workers…instead of doing something that might matter, like going to Boise and forcing the legislature into session.  It was all a show, designed to give the appearance of taking a stand while refusing to do so.

One thing is certain.  If we are going to get a government that is truly conservative in Idaho, most of the Republicans in office have got to go.  They need to be replaced with real conservatives who will, once again, “support and defend the Constitution.”

Thankfully, Governor Little, in issuing this press release has helped us, however inadvertently, take a step in that direction.  His proclamation might just as well have read, “Whereas, the people of Idaho want someone who will take action on their behalf, Therefore, vote Janice McGeachin for Governor.”


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