October 21, 2021

Dear Editor,

I have known Clayton Armstrong for more than 30 years as a teacher, a coach, and an employer.  I know him to be honest, moral, and ethical in all he does.  I know his family.  His wife Sharma is a wonderful woman and a grounding force in his life.  His children, some close to my age, are fantastic, successful people, and great assets to our community.

I grew up in mostly trailer parks around town.  Being in that environment I did not have a lot of confidence or self-esteem.  Clayton helped build my confidence and self-esteem.  He always treated me with respect and did everything he could to set me up for success on the mat and in life.

In Jr. high, during football season, Clayton would drive me from football practice to cross country meets, root me on, and drive me back to football practice.

When I wanted to go to a wrestling camp, but didn’t have the money, he gave me a job so I could have the money to go to camp.  He paid me well for the work I did.  I continued to work for him in high school and college.

As a coach, Clayton taught me how to set and keep goals.  As a result, I became a multiple time State champion and a high school All-American.  I was able to earn a scholarship and attend college and go on to graduate school.  Something, at one point in my life, I never would have considered let alone thought possible.

In the classroom, on the mat, and at work his expectations were high, but he never asked me to do anything he didn’t think I was capable of, or anything he was not willing to do himself.

Thank you Coach Armstrong!


Dr. Gary Johnson


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