October 29, 2021

Dear Editor,

Our family has known Clayton Armstrong for decades.  I first came to know Clayton well when my oldest son decided to wrestle.  I know him to be a man of fairness, integrity, honesty, and dignity.  He was both a teacher and a coach to most of our children.  Our kids looked up to, and respected Clayton.  Some of my children worked for him.  He encouraged them at work, at practice and at school to be their best.  Never at any time did he mistreat them or any other student or athlete that I have been aware of.  In fact, the opposite of that is true; he encouraged them.  As a coach he sometimes pushed them more than they may have wanted to be pushed but it was always to get them to excel and be their best.  As a boss they weren’t always pleased with him.  He expected them to work hard and to be on time and to be efficient.  As our kids grew I traveled to many events with Clayton.  I have spent time with him in a wide variety of social activities.

He may sometimes not appear to be the most cheerful or friendly person to be around but we’re not putting him on the school board to be everybody’s friend.  He is the best person for the job because he stands up for what he knows to be right and true and he is not afraid to speak up for those values and principles that we should all hold dear.

Clayton has the strength to stand up and be heard when others might be inclined to just “go along with the crowd” or avoid “making waves.”  He has run a successful business for many years here in Pocatello and understands what it means to be productive and he knows what it means to be “fiscally responsible.”

Clayton ran what could arguably be called the most successful youth wrestling program for Junior High and High School aged kids in Pocatello.  He was involved from the early 80’s through 2013.  I know while my sons were competing, his program always seemed to have twice as many kids as the other schools.  I saw him buy shoes; provide equipment, encouragement, and opportunity for kids from EVERY walk of life.  He had his favorites (and his favorites were anyone who worked hard) and he gave his wrestlers extra attention like every coach does.  But if ANY of these outlandish accusations thrown around recently have any merit at all…why did so many kids follow him and love him as a coach?  It wasn’t because wrestling practice was fun!  It was because they found structure and success through hard work and encouragement.

Because of Clayton Armstrong’s background in education/coaching, owning and operating a successful small business, devotion to family and friends and his commitment to this community, he is the very best choice as a school board member in SD25 for zone 2.  Clayton will listen to community members, parents and teachers and allow their voices to be heard.  He is the change we need to move the education process forward in a positive and productive way.  We encourage everyone to vote CLAYTON ARMSTRONG for school board zone 2.


Chad L. Nielsen, Pocatello


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