November 8, 2021

Following the “anomalies” that were witnessed in the last presidential election, many Americans have woken up to the fact that elections can, and will, be compromised if the opportunity to cheat is present.  Leading up to the recent election in Virginia, more than 20 Conservative groups, recognizing the danger, formed a coalition and implemented a plan to ensure the election was fair and that election integrity was maintained.

The Virginia Fair Elections Coalition engaged around four objectives:

  • Catalog:  Identification of resources, understanding election laws and processes
  • Communications & Messaging:  Sharing information related to conducting elections
  • Policy Recommendations:  Proposing rules/procedures to ensure election integrity
  • Training & Engagement:  Volunteers trained and working as poll watchers, staff

The result, according to a recent article in the Epoch Times, was a much higher number of conservatives engaged in poll watching and serving as poll workers than has historically been the case.  Their efforts helped to ensure that the election in Virginia was conducted fairly, and that the opportunity for “found votes” was greatly diminished.

To read a detailed article in the Epoch Times article regarding the Virginia election, visit:  Epoch Times: Virginia Election Integrity Efforts

To learn more about the Virginia Fair Elections Coalition, visit:



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