November 9, 2021

Dear Editor,

The taxes on my home in Pocatello more than doubled in the last eight years under Brian Blad.  Because of this, I’m sorry to say, I no longer live within Pocatello’s city limits.  I moved just outside the city’s jurisdiction due to the increasing tax burden.  I am, however, still in town every day.  What happens in Pocatello is very important to me…it is still my home.

If you live or work in Pocatello, who you elect as mayor will affect you, your family, your loved ones, and your friends.

In the recent election, many of you were told that “a vote for Worley is a vote for Stevens.”  This was a false statement.  I understand that the unions feared that Stevens would lay off many employees.  As it turns out, Stevens’ Democratic base was not large enough to see her elected.  I hope that those of you who voted for Blad based on this concern will reconsider your vote in the runoff.

Worley’s opponents have tried to smear him as a right-wing nutjob.  How hypocritical.  Unlike Blad, David Worley did not resort to such tactics in his campaign.  Worley has stated what he intends to do and has pointed out his differences with Blad.  David Worley spent much of his life serving his country.  He served two tours in Iraq.  He has deep family roots in this city.  He returned to Pocatello because this is where he wants to raise his family.  Saying he is not invested in Pocatello is a joke.

Blad doesn’t understand sacrifice as Worley does, Blad doesn’t understand service like Worley does, and Blad certainly does not understand true leadership like Worley does.

A follow-up vote for Blad is a vote for a continuation of the disastrous policies of the last twelve years.  It will mean continuing to increase spending while balancing the budget on the backs of the taxpayers and employees.

Blad’s main “accomplishment” is seeing our City embroiled in multi-million-dollar lawsuits.  Northgate is turning into a disaster like HOKU.  We’ve seen a water billing lawsuit, employee lawsuits, the Pave-gate scandal, EPA problems at Northgate, and taxes on homes doubled.  This is what Blad’s twelve-year tenure has wrought.  Four more years with Blad will continue the path to financial ruin.

Do not be fooled by the fearmongering of Blad and his allies.  They are desperate to maintain power and will continue to push false claims about Worley.  I urge you to listen to what David Worley has said in his own words during his campaign.  David has participated in many community meetings and has videos posted in which he has clearly outlined his vision for Pocatello.  His desire is to see local businesses grow.  His idea to harness the ingenuity of the private sector will increase efficiency.  He wants to examine City processes and seeks to bring about continuous improvement.

The citizens of Pocatello deserve and need, better city management.  It is time for a new vision and leadership from a person who has demonstrated his commitment to the people.  Pocatello needs someone who can hold the management of the city accountable to the taxpayers and who will, at the same time, ensure the well-being of their employees.

Ask yourself this question.  Are you ready for a chance at something better, or are you happy with the status quo?  If the answer is, “something better,” I encourage you to vote for David Worley for mayor.

Chad Horst, Bannock County, protecting Freedom of Speech for Conservatives in Idaho


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