November 12, 2021

Dear Editor,

Corruption in government is nothing new.  We all know the saying, “power corrupts…”  But over the last few years we’ve seen exposed an unprecedented amount of corruption from local government all the way to the White House.   Unfortunately, it appears to be a problem we face right here in Pocatello.

Our mayor, Brian Blad, and the City of Pocatello are currently facing serious allegations of crimes and misuse of authority.  A tort claim has been filed against Blad and the City of Pocatello on behalf of the Rupp Family Trust.  The claim alleges dishonesty, misrepresentation, fraud, and even racketeering!

According to a document filed by the law firm of Olsen Taggart PPLC, claims and potential claims by the Rupp family filing include destruction or altercation of public record(s), fraudulent and illegal scheming to deprive the Rupp family of their 5th amendment rights, threats made toward the Chubbuck Mayor, conduct rising to the level of racketeering, and violation of city code 16.20.050.  The claims and statements in this legal filing are of serious concern and they should not be ignored or taken lightly.  Especially given the claim of racketeering which typically includes incarceration for extended periods.

What makes matters worse, is that this is not the first time our city has been mired in scandal under the current leadership (remember Pavegate?).

At some point we, as citizens, need to take a stand.  I cannot, in good conscience, cast a vote to elect someone who has overseen, and stands accused of being involved in, such unseemly activity.

We need new leadership that is open, honest, and transparent.  That is why I’ll be casting my vote for David Worley for Mayor of Pocatello.


Mindi Boodry

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