November 14, 2021

Residents Throughout Idaho Opposing Coercive Mandates Heading to Boise on Monday to Make Voices Heard

by:  John Crowder

John Crowder, Publisher, Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

Idaho residents from all across the state are organizing and fighting back against the authoritarian vaccine mandates that are forcing many to either bow to pressure and give up their right to make their own medical decisions, or to lose their livelihoods.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 15, residents from across Idaho who oppose the coercive vaccine mandates will be heading to Boise as the legislature reconvenes for a special session.  Their goal:  To ensure that legislators know that they are opposed to the mandates and that they expect their elected representatives to take action to ban vaccine mandates in the State.

Groups organizing for the trip ask that those going plan to be at the Capitol by 7:30 a.m., when the House Ways and Means Committee is expected to begin hearings on multiple bills related to vaccine mandates and other health freedom issues.  See agenda, here:

Residents across Idaho have increasingly been taking action, contacting their legislators and imploring them to introduce legislation to stop the mandates as well as staging protests, as employees have been coerced into accepting the “vaccine” or have been fired for refusing to do so.  Locally, a Town Hall Meeting with three Bannock County legislators, Senator Jim Guthrie and Representatives Randy Armstrong and Kevin Andrus, was held on Friday, November 13 in Pocatello.  Over one hundred residents turned out, some holding signs in opposition to the vaccine mandates, and speaking out at a rate of over 20:1 against them.  See article, here:

Dozens of Bannock County Residents Attend Legislative Town Hall in Pocatello to Demand Legislators Act to End Vaccine Mandates

Unfortunately, the question remains:  Will legislators protect the citizens of Idaho from those seeking to take away their right to bodily autonomy, or will they support the corporatists who continue to push for compliance over individual liberty?  It is by no means clear that liberty will prevail.  In September, a group of legislators attempted to gather their colleagues in Boise and force a quorum in order to put a stop to the mandates.  Pressured by “leadership,” most Idaho legislators declined to attend…only about 15 were willing to travel to Boise to stand up for Idaho residents.  See editorial, here:

Editorial: Idahoans Must Take Action Now in Fight for Freedom – Tell Your Legislators to Do their Duty, Protect Your Rights

Regardless of what the outcome is in Boise next week, Idaho residents who support liberty must continue their fight for freedom.  Every legislator or elected official who supports the unconstitutional vaccine mandates should face a liberty-minded primary challenger in 2022.  Ultimately, this is key to preserving freedom in Idaho.  Protests may turn the tide on legislation from time-to-time, but unless strong, liberty-minded candidates are elected, the drift toward socialism and control will continue.


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