November 19, 2021

Dear Editor,

I would like David Worley to be mayor because he believes in freedom.  He knows how America became free.

I went to Constitution Camp this summer.  David Worley was a great teacher at camp.  He taught us about George Washington crossing the Delaware River.  We did an activity to help us learn about it.  We tied rags around our feet and waded in the ice cold water.  It taught us how hard it was for the soldiers but they just kept going, so I decided I would keep going for as long as I could.  It taught me to push myself and keep going myself for what you believe in.

He came back as the Founding Father Samuel Adams.  The Founding Fathers taught us how hard it was to break away from England and be free.

I think it would be important for the mayor to defend our rights by following/teaching about the Constitution.  I feel like David Worley would be a good mayor.  I want him to win the election.


Paige Holyoak, Pocatello, protecting Freedom of Speech for Conservatives in Idaho


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