(Power2Parent Union Press Release, November 17, 2021)

It has come to our attention that schools in Caldwell and Nampa will be hosting vaccination
clinics so that students can receive immunizations during the school day.  Power2Parent
strongly encourages parents to oppose using our schools as medical clinics for children for
the following reasons:

● Parents give up their right to be the primary decision maker for their child’s medical
care when they rely on schools as medical clinics for students.  Parents should
always be present when any medical procedure is performed on their child.
● Mistakes are rampant in several states at school vaccine sites.  Recently a 5 year old
child in Utah, received an adult dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  In Calvert County
Maryland, a 6 year old child was vaccinated by mistake at school.  Also in
Montgomery County Maryland 100 children received diluted doses of the vaccine.  All
of these mistakes are happening at school clinics.  Learning time should not be
interrupted at school for vaccinations.  Dozens of reports in the news enumerate
mistakes and adverse health effects in children because of incorrect dosing.
● Students and teachers know who has not received the vaccine because of the public
nature of the clinics which raise serious privacy concerns.

Retired registered nurse Rick Wortman stated, “There are other resources to obtain
vaccinations so these clinics are completely unnecessary.  They infringe upon children’s
learning time and are also a danger to the children’s peer relationships due to possible
discrimination on who is and is not vaccinated.  Since schools do not have to be HIPPA
compliant there are privacy concerns.”

Power2Parent is not opposed to vaccinations.  Our interest is in the preservation of parental
rights and the safety of children.  Schools are not equipped to provide medical care for


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