November 26, 2021

Dear Editor,

The soon to be retiring Mayor Brian Blad continues to incorrectly claim that his opponent is “extreme.”

I think Brian Blad is the extreme one because he’s drifted so far from our Constitution.  I firmly believe that Constitutionalists are the actual political center.  The Constitution is in the center balancing out the two extremes which are tyranny on one end of the spectrum, and anarchy on the other.

I view the Constitution as a centrist document for this reason.  The political center really isn’t somewhere between Republicans and Democrats.  Both Party’s have drifted left of center towards tyranny.  Both political Parties are off balance.  The Democrats are a little more off balance than the Republicans but that isn’t saying much.  I view David Worley as the true centrist in this race.  Blad is drifting towards tyranny.

Pocatello needs a new Mayor.  Brian Blad has been Mayor for twelve years which is far too long.  No politician should be in office that long.

If you believe in good constitutional government please join me in voting for David Worley on November 30th.

Ben Gregersen, Pocatello


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