November 26, 2021

Dave Worley contacted me about ISJ’s article where his opponent called my donation a “red-flag” – what a shame that is because my family worked really hard for that money!  I finally had the opportunity to show MAJ Worley I believed in him as much as he believed in me, and someone wants to drag it through the mud.  I want to be clear – MAJ Worley’s empathetic and effective leadership inspired all of us.  I served as a junior officer under his guidance and development for 8 years.  His integrity, energy and enthusiasm for service to the country’s cause was so encouraging, that I know any town would be lucky to have him.

Additionally, I wanted to make sure he knew how much I appreciated him with as big a donation as my family could afford.  Please do not degrade the Lynde family into some image of a faceless corporation or shadowy investor.  And please don’t manipulate my family’s gift into something negative, shady, or sleezy – it was a heartfelt gesture from my family to his.  I have no self-serving plan for your town; I would have given just as much money to my former mentor if he was from Kansas or Maine.  I hope the people of Pocatello see it instead as an indication of just how much all of us at the Red Dragon Battalion miss MAJ Worley.

Go get ‘em MAJ Worley – we believe in you!

Sincerely,Ben Lynde of Barboursville, VA


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