November 26, 2021

Daniel Bobinski, Host of the True Idaho News Podcast (Photo Credit: Daniel Bobinski FB)

True Idaho News, dedicated to correcting, “the misinformation and spin, giving you truth so you know what’s REALLY going on in Idaho,” has launched the True Idaho News Podcast.

The announcement posted by True Idaho News about the podcast states, “It’s official.  The True Idaho News Podcast has launched.  During the debut episode, the hosts pulled no punches in discussing the recent legislative session, legislators in Canyon County who claim the Republican label but don’t live up to it, and the farce that passed as an “ethics” committee hearing that resulted 49 legislators voting for a lie.

In the opening moments of the first show, True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski said,

“I intend to cover Idaho news and even national news on this show, and I’ll do so more like an opinion piece.  We’ll cover the facts, but we’re also going to offer a whole lot more insights and thoughts in a way that you really can’t do on the printed page.”

Bobinski continued:

“I sit down sometimes to write a story, or have someone write a new story, and we’re looking at the facts of the story.  And sometimes you want to interject your thoughts or opinions about that stuff, but it’s just not appropriate in the ‘news’ format.  Yet, you want to be able to convey what’s really going on.  That’s part of the purpose for this podcast.”

Bobinski’s co-host for the debut episode is Josh Gibbons, a political campaign consultant, owner of Spire Visuals (video production), and a podcaster in his own right.  Gibbons hosts the “Whats Happening Idaho” podcast.

Bobinski says he values Gibbons’ insights and intends to have him as a regular co-host on the show.”

Learn more about the True Idaho News podcast, here:

‘True Idaho News Podcast’ Debuts, Offers Unfiltered News and Opinion


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