November 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

I have some major concerns with respect to the Idaho State Journal (ISJ) article “Out-of-city money gives Worley fundraising edge as special election approaches”, published November 21, 2021.  While I understand the ISJ article is not from your periodical, I thought it appropriate to address you as editor of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer since the special election for Pocatello Mayor no doubt concerns many of your readers.

The article misrepresents funds raised by David Worley’s campaign as coming in large part from out-of-state donors, and therefore somehow illegitimate.  The article also implies that the Worley campaign has raised more money than his opponent’s, giving him an unfair advantage in the Mayoral race.  Neither statement is accurate.  As a donor to the Worley campaign for Pocatello Mayor, I want to provide some clarity and perspective in response to this article that I believe did not do that job.

While not a resident of Pocatello, or even of Idaho, I have known Major David Worley for over seven years.  I have served with him in the Virginia Army National Guard both in the United States and overseas.  I have observed the way he lives his life, the principles he stands for, and the positive impacts he has had on so many people’s lives during our time of service together.  I have no political or financial interests in Pocatello.  I simply know that people there will be well-served by having David Worley as their Mayor.  I know this because I have seen his principles in practice, and because he and I have had many opportunities to talk about principles and values that should guide and inform government. I had never made a monetary contribution to a political campaign before I made one to David Worley’s, and I did that to support him and because I know he will bring his sound values and principles to the office of Mayor in Pocatello.  That will be of great benefit to the residents there, and the community as a whole.

I am sure your readers will understand that being part of the military community as many of us are, Major Worley and his family have moved from time-to-time.  I myself am a thirty-year veteran who now serves at Fort Bliss, Texas; having moved there from Virginia this past year.  Expecting any of us to have close friends who care about us and our endeavors to only live locally with us is entirely unreasonable.  I have a broad network of trusted friends with whom I have served that literally spans the globe.  I would hate to think that anyone would discourage those people from supporting me in my pursuits.

I encourage your readers to look critically at the ISJ article and understand that it paints an inaccurate picture of the Worley campaign’s fund-raising efforts.  I further encourage anyone concerned about the community in Pocatello to support the Worley campaign and vote for him as Mayor if you are able.


Jonathan Whaley, Texas


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