December 2, 2021

Pocatello for Accountable Government Entities (P.A.G.E.) has released the following statement regarding the formation of a subcommittee by the Pocatello City Council that would review the City’s financial policies:

During the 10/14/21 Work Session, the (now former) CFO spent approximately 2.5 hours reviewing financial policies with the full Council.  He pointed out areas needing review and potential strengthening, specific policies not being followed, etc.  He explained the need to review financial policies annually – including the reserve policy, pcard policy (city credit cards used by employees), purchasing policy, and capital improvements policy.  He recommended forming a subcommittee comprised of two Council members plus the Mayor, CFO, City attorney and a note-taker with the purpose to create policy change recommendations for submittal to the full Council for review/acceptance.  This subcommittee would streamline the process and allow the Council to have a jumpstart on the effort prior to the arrival of a new CFO.  At the end of that meeting, the mayor ultimately agreed to put this action item on the 11/04/21 agenda, after the November 2nd election.

A total of three (3) Regular Council Agendas/meetings will have passed this week.  Again, the Mayor has not followed through on placing this important action item on an agenda.  The development and revision of these types of policies are an essential role of Council.  Much of the dissension within Council centers around financial related mayoral action or inaction.  When the Mayor delays and impedes the Council from doing their job, he is doing the opposite of “improving relationships.”

Let the Mayor know you want this subcommittee to move forward ASAP.  You can best communicate this by attending the meeting tomorrow night—Thursday 12/2/21 at 6:00 p.m. —and signing up to speak during public comment.

As an alternative, you can email him at

City Council October 14, 2021, Work Session:


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