December 2, 2021

Dear Editor,

Now that the election cycle in Pocatello is complete, it is a good time to reflect on the outcome.  Voters returned the current mayor and two sitting city council members.  They are joined by a new city council member who is walking in lockstep with the mayor.  The people have spoken, and their message was to keep the status quo.

This is not good news for Pocatello.  Despite massive expenditures, unreasonable property valuations & tax hikes, and government inefficiencies, the people of Pocatello have allowed the dysfunctionality to continue.

From the founding of our nation, the idea was that the citizens would keep government in check.  We have strayed far from that ideal.  More must be done, but it is certainly true that many residents have woken up to the problems we are facing.  More of them are participating as citizens should, monitoring, questioning, and making their voices heard when it comes to the decisions being made by local government.

At Restore Liberty in Idaho, we are hopeful that this increased participation is the beginning of a movement of citizens to restrain government excess, in spending, taxing, and regulating.


Restore Liberty in Idaho – Southeast Idaho


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