December 27, 2021 (Photo Credit:  Bannock County, FB)

BANNOCK COUNTY, Idaho – Bannock County residents will soon have a new way to stay in touch with their local government, as the County prepares to launch a newsletter for the new year.

“Access Bannock County” will be a monthly email newsletter, delivered to subscribers’ inboxes on the first Tuesday of every month, beginning on Jan. 4, 2022.

The newsletter will inform subscribers of upcoming area events, such as the County Fair, and important dates for residents to be aware of, like property tax deadlines and free days at the landfill.

Additionally, subscribers can expect a letter from one of the nine County elected officials, detailing what’s happening in their office at the time.

“We’re so excited to launch this as part of our effort to be more transparent and involved in the community.  We want Bannock County residents to be connected and engaged with their local government, and this is one step towards that,” said Emma Iannacone, Bannock County Public Information Officer and author of the newsletter.

Visit to subscribe to “Access Bannock County” or click this link:


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