January 9, 2022

Today, January 9, we celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  The day is set aside annually for people to take a moment to express their appreciation for the members of the law enforcement community and the work they do to protect us.

Some ways that citizens show their appreciation for law enforcement on this day include

  • Thanking a police officer
  • Sending a letter or note of appreciation to your local police department
  • Expressing your appreciation on social media
  • Wearing a blue shirt
  • Displaying a blue light on your porch

You can visit the social media pages of our local law enforcement, here:

Bannock County Sheriff’s Office – Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, FB

Chubbuck Police Department – Chubbuck Police Department, FB

Pocatello Police Department – Pocatello Police Department, FB

The Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer is proud to join with other residents in expressing our appreciation for the work done by law enforcement, serving and protecting our citizens.


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