January 24, 2022

Jake Stevens, Candidate for Idaho House District 29B

Jake Stevens, “Constitutional Conservative advocating for individual liberty and limited government,” recently held a campaign kickoff event as part of his run for the Idaho State Legislature, District 29B.

The event, attended by a several dozen supporters of Stevens, was held at the Bannock County Veterans Memorial Building last Thursday, January 20.

Stevens was introduced to the crowd by Idaho Speaks Co-Host David Worley, who said, “Edmund Burke is often attributed with the quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  Jake is a good man who refuses to do nothing.  He will fight for our freedom, and we need him in Boise.”

Continuing with the theme of freedom and individual liberty, Stevens said, “Over the last several decades, but especially in the past two years we have seen the rapid erosion of freedoms in Idaho and around the country.”  Stevens went on to say that, when the Idaho legislature failed to limit the power of the Governor to shut down businesses and impose mandates, “That was when I decided it was time to step into the arena.”

Stevens addressed Idaho’s growing dependency on federal funds and that many Idahoans are demanding tax relief.  He said, “Now is also the time to reduce Idaho’s dependency on Federal funds and reduce the tax burden on Idaho families.  Simple reforms, like getting rid of the grocery tax are long overdue.  As long as we are dependent on Federal funds, we will be hesitant to defy Federal overreach.  We need smaller government and smaller state budgets in Idaho.  In Idaho we take pride in being one of the best states in the union to do business, but that won’t last if we continue to increase the size and power of the state government.”

On education, Stevens said, “We need school choice policy where the funds follow the child to whatever institution the parents think best serves the needs of their children.  Parents know what is best for their children.  I am confident that if parents are allowed to choose, they will find schools that better prepare their children for the workplace and for the duties and responsibilities of citizenship rather than the narrow options we provide today.”

Concluding his remarks, Stevens asked those in attendance to join in his campaign, pledging, “If you send me to Boise, I will fight for your freedom, your rights, your interests, and the civic virtue we need to sustain a free state.  Thank you, God Bless America, and God Bless and the great state of Idaho.”

The event ended with Republican District 29 Chairman Lance Kolbet encouraging those in attendance to contribute to the campaign.

For more information about Jake Stevens, visit:  Jake for Idaho

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