January 26, 2022

So-Called Voting Rights Bill is Politics at its Worst

by:  Idaho GOP Director of Communications & External Affairs Jacob Miller

There are times when it is difficult to discern precisely what is happening in Washington D.C.  Times when the process is opaque, the numbers are fuzzy, and the interests of the players are unclear.  This is not one of those times.  Despite being over 700 pages in length and having changed names three times, the Democrat plan to take over our elections could not be more transparent.  It is a partisan power grab, pure and simple.

In a speech in Atlanta, Georgia, President Biden wrapped himself in the language of the Civil Rights movement.  The president peppered his speech with phrases like “Jim Crow 2.0.” in a fumbling attempt to portray the proponents of secure elections as racists and bigots.  The fact of the matter is that the current battle over election integrity has nothing to do with race and everything to do with partisan advantage.

For example, Idaho was included as one of the Republican legislatures attempting to “suppress the vote.”  If you examine the data behind the rankings, you might be surprised to learn the numbers don’t always line up along partisanship.  The Heritage Foundation recently released its Election Integrity Scorecard, an index that ranks states according to their election laws.  According to the scorecard, Idaho ranks 38th, six spots lower than President Biden’s home state, Delaware.

Either Biden himself was elected under a regime of voter suppression and said nothing about it or proposals to make it harder to cheat are not actually a part of some vast, racist conspiracy.  The American people see right through the Democrat Party’s cheap appeals to identity politics.  Poll after poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of race, support commonsense voter integrity measures such as photo I.D.

So what does the Democrat plan do exactly?  Pelosi’s plan would automatically register anyone and everyone, while simultaneously prohibiting any accountability or oversight.  The result would be a voter roll littered with people who have moved, died, or migrated illegally.  The bill even calls for registering violent felons immediately upon release from prison.

Another portion of the 700-page behemoth of a bill overhauls the campaign finance system.  Most egregiously, the plan calls for the public financing of politicians’ campaigns.  That’s Washington speak for putting your hard-earned tax dollars into the pockets of political cronies.  Many people believe there’s already too much money in politics, this plan would not fix that.  If enacted, this plan would lead to even more money in politics, only this time, it would be your money.

One of the most telling, yet alarming, aspects of Congressional Democrats’ attempts to Federalize all elections is the process by which they’re attempting to pass such major legislation.  Rather than working to build a bipartisan consensus around their ideas, Democrats are doing the opposite.  With only 50 votes in the United States Senate, Democrats are trying to ramrod this bill through Congress by eliminating the filibuster altogether.

The Constitution of the United States, in Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 clearly delegates responsibility for regulating elections to the states.  The Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” bill is an unconstitutional overreach that would eviscerate the rights of states to run their own elections.  The Democrats in D.C. are so desperate to retain power that they’re willing to risk our Republican form of government itself.  The truth of the matter is that states, like Idaho, are best equipped to manage and run their own elections.  Rather than a vulnerability, our democratic system is made more secure by being decentralized.

This article first appeared in the Idaho Press.

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