February 1, 2022

Idaho Attorney General Candidate Art Macomber has been posting videos entitled, “Macomber Minutes” on YouTube and on various social media sites as part of his campaign.  In the videos, Macomber analyzes some aspect of the law related to current issues of concern to Idahoans.

Yesterday, Macomber began a two-week series discussing a constitutional right to bodily integrity, a hot topic considering that many people are being coerced into accepting the experimental COVID vaccine(s) under threat of losing their employment.

The introduction to the video introducing the series reads, “This video is the introductory video to a legal analysis as to whether a constitutional right exists to one’s bodily integrity.

Through this week and next, we analyze whether such a right, if it exists is a fundamental right.  Then, we analyze if that right is protected using the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, specifically regarding vaccine mandates by public entities.

Finally, during the second week, we review the law governing vaccine mandates by private companies, analyze the 1905 Jacobson case, and discuss collective action.”

The introductory video can be seen, here:

Today, Macomber continued the series with a video entitled, “Due Process Evaluation of the Right to Bodily Integrity.”

The introduction to the video reads, “This video discusses the due process criteria for evaluation as to whether a right exists, and whether it is a fundamental right.  The two criteria are supportable.

The path of the law in western history up to today’s jurisprudence in Idaho indicates that both explicit Constitutional guarantees and the body of the criminal law indicate that a right to bodily integrity is within the fabric of the nation’s tradition and history, such that neither liberty nor justice is possible without it.

Further, on the second criterion, the right to be left alone without molestation by others or bodily intrusion without permission is a clear definition of the right.  We conclude a right to bodily integrity is a fundamental right under the United States and Idaho constitutions.”

This video can be seen, here:

To learn more about Art Macomber and his campaign to become Idaho’s next Attorney General, visit:  Art Macomber for Idaho Attorney General


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