February 8, 2022 (Cover Photo Credit:  Christy Zito, FB)

Idaho Senator Christy Zito has announced that she will not seek reelection.

In a press release she states:

“Today I am announcing that I will not be running for a seat in the Idaho Senate.  It has been a great honor and responsibility that I have not taken lightly to represent the citizens of District 23.  I would find it just as much an honor to represent the good people of District 8.  I made a promise when I first ran for office in 2016 that I would not homestead my place in the legislature, and I am fulfilling that promise.

After a lot of prayer and discussion with family and those who have been with me from the beginning of this journey, I have decided to take a position with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as the Executive Director later this year.

With the anti-second amendment attitude of the current administration, many governors, and legislatures across the country, I can further serve our state and country by making this change.

We have accomplished so much in this state by working together, not compromising on true principles, and standing firm for the principles of liberty.  With the engagement of the citizens of this state, through a true grassroots effort, we have made Idaho the strongest Second Amendment friendly state in the country.

In addition to Second amendment work, I have been blessed to be involved in legislation that has saved the lives of babies.  What can be more important than advocating for the preborn?

We are a country of faith.  We hold to the principles of goodness and freedom granted to us by our Creator.  I am so excited to move forward in this new chapter and continue fighting for freedom.”

in an exclusive interview, Greg Pruett of the Idaho Dispatch, speaks with Zito about her decision and what her future plans are.  The interview can be found, here:

Sen. Christy Zito Not Seeking Re-Election, Will Take Job with Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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