February 9, 2022

The Pocatello Police Department has issued the following statement on the Linda Smith Cold Case:

In 2007 the investigation of the Linda Smith homicide from 1981 was reopened and assigned to investigators.  Since then, we have cooperated with her family members and been as open and transparent about our efforts as the investigation allows.  We have examined Linda’s remains, the evidence we have available, and engaged in joint efforts with the Idaho State University Anthropology Department to find answers to who kidnapped and killed Linda Smith.

When reviewing the initial investigative reports from 1981 we discovered that procedural and forensic measures which are common today were not in place or feasible.  We admit that the original investigators regretfully made some errors in the investigation.  Moving forward, we will continue to work hard to bring closure to this case.

Our investigators have not released information for publication or broadcast on this investigation because the case is active.  We do not want to inadvertently release information that may later prove to be instrumental in obtaining a legitimate lead from a witness or a confession from the suspect(s).  Our ultimate goal is to find the truth and prosecute those responsible for this horrible crime.

We appreciate the efforts of those associated with the true crime podcast “The Deck” in bringing this case to a wider audience.  Our investigators will continue to work any and all leads that are generated, and we also extend a request to anyone who has knowledge or even to those responsible to come forward with information in order to provide closure to the family.

If any member of the community has information about this case, please contact the Investigations Division of the Pocatello Police Department at 208-234-6121.


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