February 18, 2022

Craig and Mariya Yadon

Pocatello, ID – Pocatello businessman Craig Yadon today announced his intent to run for the Idaho Legislature.

In making his announcement, Yadon said, “I am running in District 29 for the Idaho State House of Representatives because I want to help safeguard the opportunities and freedoms I have enjoyed throughout my life.  The foundation of American freedom was laid through the sacrifices of our nation’s founding generation and the inspired work of the Founding Fathers.  It has been protected by the blood and treasure of generations of Americans since.  We are now being redefined by godless systems and examples.  As a result, I can no longer stand by as a passive benefactor while our nation is broken spiritually, morally, and economically.

Our economy is being broken under the weight of burdensome taxes, central planning, and creeping socialism.  The minds of our children and the institution of the family are being corrupted with radical and destructive ideologies.  These ideas poison the well of civic virtue necessary to sustain a free state. Cultural Marxism and radical sex and gender
theory have no place in the classroom.  Public education reform and school choice policies must empower parents to find schools that will teach their children the timeless principles that made America great.

I pledge to fight for healthy families, swim upstream against destructive trends in our culture, and be a force for the changes we need in our great State of Idaho.”

About Craig Yadon:

Craig Yadon is seeking the Republican Party nomination for the Idaho House in Legislative District 29, Seat A.

Craig was educated right here in Pocatello.  He graduated from Highland High School and from Idaho State University.

Craig is a family man.  He and his wife, Mariya, have been married for 27 years and have raised four children.  He is also a recent grandfather.

Craig is a successful businessman.  He owned and operated a specialty industrial contracting business in Pocatello for 20 years.  He sold this business to focus on community development in Pocatello.  His current project is in Historic Downtown Pocatello, renovating the Petersen Building.  Renamed the Purpose Building, it will serve as multi-use facility enriching our community’s future.

Craig is no stranger to service.  He is a U.S. Army veteran and a chaplain volunteer at the Region VII Juvenile Detention Center.  He spent 5 years with his family doing mission work in Thailand.  Recently, Craig co-founded ‘New Start,’ a program developed to help released inmates get back on their feet.  He serves as a Board member in his local church.


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